Accommodation in a holiday village is ideal for those who want playmates for the children or neighbours during their holiday. ...

The south of Sweden is a very varied and beautiful fishing area and we offer many nice holiday homes just a walk from the lakes or the sea. With so

In the children's Småland your imagination run wild. It is play, adventure and lots of experiences! While in Småland with

Rent a holiday home in Ystad and discover the hometown of the inspector Kurt Wallander. Ystad has a picturesque city center with many hal

In southern Småland, between Växjö and Kalmar, handblown glass has been made since the mid-1700s. Here in the Kingdom of Crystal yo

Sweden's golfing paradise, a destination with one of the most golf courses in such a small area. You can, from the middle of Skå

In the forests of Småland there is a good chance to see moose in the wild, but they are shy so be patient. Top tips to see moose:

Do you also dream about waking up in a cottage on the countryside with open fields outisde your window? That dream might come true. 

Do you want to spend the holiday with your dog? We have many cottages, houses and apartments where your four-legged family member is welcome!

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