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Do you want to spend the holiday with your dog? We have many cottages, houses and apartments where your four-legged family member is welcome!

To bring your dog into Sweden it must be ID-marked, have a valid rabies vaccination, have an EU pet passport and presented to customs. These conditions apply if you come from an EU country, if you come from a country outside the EU, other more extensive conditions apply. Read more about the rules that apply when you bring your dog to Sweden.

During the summer, usually mid-May to mid-September, it is generally forbidden to bring dogs to the beaches. But there are special beaches where you can swim with your dog.
Tips on the best dog beach locations in the south of Sweden:

  • Båstad, Hemmeslövsstrand from Stensåns estuary and 150 m to the north and Segelstorpsstrand, from Vistorps harbour and 200 meters to the north.
  • Helsingborg has several beaches where dogs are allowed, for example in Rydebäck south of Rya golf course, in Råå north of the Rååbadet (Råå Kallbadhus), in Domsten just south of Stejlebacken and in Örby Ängar.
  • Lake Ivösjön, Strandängens swimming area. Here you will find playground, handicap ramp, toilet, jogging track and barbeque area.
  • Jönköping, lake Västersjön southwest of the town. The dog swimming area is located approximately 500 m southwest of the public swimming area.
  • Landskrona, north of the City swimming area, south of the marina in Borstahusen and north of the handicap dock at Lill-Olas in Borstahusen.
  • Lake Luhrsjön, at Luhrsjöbadens camping on the east side of lake Luhrsjön is a separate part for dogs. The swimming area is shallow and has a nice sandy beach.
  • Simrishamn, just north of the town at Vårhallarnas rest stop.
  • Skanör, the beach north of the harbour in Skanör, from the pier and 100 meters to the north.
  • Traryd, Skogsudden behind the zoo.
  • Värnamo, lake Prostsjön at the western beach (just a short distance from the swimming area towards the camping site) and at the southeastern tip of Osudden. Both are signposted with dog swimming area.
  • Växjö, the north part of the island Hissö, lake Växjösjöns western beach just south of Strandbjörket and Sandsbro between the boat club and swimming area.
  • Yngsjö, at the nature reserve Gropahålet is a 100 m long beach area where dogs are welcome to swim.
  • Ystad, just west of Gjuteriet, a residential area in the west of Ystad, and further west to Svarte.
  • Ängelholm, Sibiren to the left of the beach, north of the piers in Skälderviken as well as in Vejbystrand below the outdoor swimming pool.

Here you will find holiday homes and cottages in the south of Sweden where you can bring your dog: