Our hosts are speaking

My cottage is located in Ystad Sandskog just a few kilometers outside Ystad. I bought the cottage about 35 years ago and the idea of renting it out came in the early 2000s. As the cottage is in the best location in Ystad Sandskog I thought that there must be many summer visitors who would thrive there. I decided to start renting out and now I have cooperated with Trip to Sweden for ten years.

I have often chosen to rent out the cottage all summer but usually I also make sure to save one week for myself. I do not mind that there are just a few weeks to myself in the summer, I prefer rather to stay in the cottage in the spring when the birds are singing and it has just started greenery. Then I enjoy being close to nature and to make the garden fine for the season.

The cooperation I think has worked well over the years. There have never been any trouble and I have always received a positive reception. One of the reasons that I rent out my house through an agency is to avoid having to stand all alone in the event of problems with guests and with the cooperation with Trip to Sweden, I feel that I have a safe rental in many ways. I took a break in 2010 for renovation and the following year I did not hesitate to rent out the cottage again. In addition to flexible terms, I appreciate how the cottage presented on the website with a focus on images out / inside, something that seems to be increasingly important for those who book.

I most enjoyed the Swedish guests but also a lot of Germans and Danes have rented the cottage over the years. There will be many new faces every summer but it is especially a family who return year after year. It feels extra fun and they've almost become friends to me now.

My advice to others who want to rent out their cottage: make sure it is clean and fresh in the cottage and put gladly some flowers to create a homely feel. I meet myself up guests upon arrival and I think it is best if you have the opportunity to do so. Partly it is reassuring to yourself to know what it is for people who come and also makes the guest feel especially welcome.

/Birgitta, Ystad


We bought our house in 2003 and the cottage we rent out is on the same grounds as our house. Then there was a permanent tenant in the cottage. When they moved, we wanted to be able to use the cottage ourselves as a guest house and then we thought it was I good idea to supplement with rentals to tourists. The cottage is located in a, for Jönköping, unique surrounding that we would be glad to share with others.

We read in the newspaper about the possibility of renting out houses by Trip to Sweden. We contacted the company and thought it seemed serious, stable and good to rent it out through Trip to Sweden.

The partnership has worked very well over the years and we think that we have a kind of package deal where everything is included, such as reservations, insurance and payment. The advantages are that it is safe and secure and we know that we receive payment prior to guests' arrival.

Our advice to others who want to rent out their cottage: poses the question - do I want to live here myself? Keep the furnishings fresh and don’t put too many things there or too old furniture. We don’t have so many carpets in the cottage, which makes it easier to clean. Leave some open areas so the guests have space for luggage etc when they come. Keep an empty cupboard in the kitchen for the guests to put for example brought groceries.

Our cottage is located in Jönköping and it means that in addition to tourists we also rent out to companies renting for longer periods to people who will work in the area, parents and relatives of students who live in Jönköping and to people who want to participate in cultural events in the area. Some of the companies are returning guests but the private tourists would probably see new destinations and will not return to the same cottage so often.

The guests are satisfied after their stay with us and some of them bring a gift, many write positive words in the guestbook and they often praises their stay before they leave and say they will recommend us.

We don’t rent cottages so often ourselves, but we've done it a few times on Gotland.

/Maria and Lennart, Jönköping