We cooperate with has more than 120,000 properties worldwide, with their unique mapping feature you can easily find hotels near what you want. Do not spend time in the car when you travel, find hotels close to what you want instead.

Most people know why they want to travel to a specific location, they know when they can go and what to do. gives you where and how - where in a city you want to live and how you want to live.

We believe that a town should be discovered, we do not think that you should spend time in a car while traveling - is the only hotel booking site that shows hotels closer to what you want.

We do not believe that the city is a destination in itself, but the reason you are traveling. Is it for sightseeing, vacation, business trip or shopping? Should you attend a concert, sporting event or trade show? Do not spend time traveling, while traveling! With stay away's unique mapping, Yawa-map, you can choose three places you want to stay closer. Then you choose a hotel located in a good distance, and that meets your criteria.

Save time and money by staying closer to what you want! Do not waste time in the cab or on the subway when you discover a new city. shows the distance and estimated time from your chosen hotel to the places you want to visit when you are in a new city. See the film how to use - HERE!

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