How does a partnership with us work?
The contract you sign with us comes at least a year ahead. For us to put your items in the booking and obtain coverage for expenses, we want your house or apartment is available for at least 4 weeks between weeks 26 - 34. The 6 most requested weeks in July and half of August, we expect that A- season. When the price level is about 10% higher than during other summer weeks. Weeks 26, 33 and 34, we expect that the B-season and the rest of the year counts as the C-season although we are constantly working to broaden the season.

You always have the right to block your property for rental after consultation with us, even during A season. During the A-season, we recommend weekly rentals with changeover day Saturday or Sunday. In the B and C season, other days be eligible if you as the owner allows it. Outside A season you can also choose to allow daily rental, which then includes at least two days. Guests have access from 15.00 and to leave no later than 11.00 am on departure day.

What are the requirements for the cottage / apartment to be rented?
Your cottage / apartment need not be newly built, renovated or have new furniture, but it must meet certain requirements:

  • The cottage / apartment must be fresh, both in construction and interior design
  • Be equipped for self-catering
  • Furniture must be clean and tidy
  • Beds and bedding must be of good quality
  • Nothing broken and chipped crockery may be
  • The plot around the house should be neat

Basic equipment
Items plate and glass adapted to the number of beds eg 6 beds least 8 of each article.


  • Bed with mattress, blanket and pillow.
  • Storage Facilities.


  • Plates - deep, flat and saucers.
  • Glass - drinking, wine and schnapps.
  • Cutlery - knife, spoon, fork and spoon
  • Coffee Cups, Teacups
  • Egg cups
  • Cheese slicer
  • Butter knives
  • Sharp knives
  • Can opener
  • Cork opener
  • Grater
  • Garlic press
  • Potato peeler
  • Visp, ladles, spatula
  • Liter- measuring cup
  • Colander
  • Plastic bowls
  • Ovenproof molds
  • Pots adapted to the number of beds at least three different sizes.
  • Fry Iron
  • Pot holder, trivet
  • Platter, potato bowl, saucepan, salad bowl
  • Jugs
  • Tray
  • Coffee maker or coffee pot with melittabryggare
  • Slush bucket
  • Dish brush, dishcloth


  • Detergent, Thaw, General-purpose cleaners and detergent
  • Toilet Brush
  • Vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner bags
  • Mop and bucket
  • Broom
  • Duster
  • Window cleaners
  • Flapper
  • Toilet paper should be on arrival.

Our guests appreciate good beds, happy spring mattresses, and gladly anything bedrooms without bunk beds. A well-tended plot or garden with patio so you can sit outside and eat and grill are also appreciated.

You as the landlord is responsible for the cottage meets these requirements and to continuously inform us about changes.

What is crucial for the rental price?
Once we have inspected your house, we leave a quote. This is based on our experience and a comparison with other holiday homes of similar standard and location. Factors affecting the price is the cabin size, number of beds, equipment, racking standard, location, distance to shops, baths and the area's touristic attractiveness, etc.. It is up to you as the owner to accept or change our price proposal. However, note that the cottage can be booked worse if it becomes too expensive in relation to other houses with the same location, size and standard.

How do you market my house?
We present all rental items with text and pictures on our website and on our partners' websites.

All advertising and other advertising funded entirely by us. Our marketing is concentrated on search engines such as Google and booking portals on the Internet and we are constantly working to find new partners. We use social media, has been running advertisements in the evenings and monthly newspapers, links to associations / organizations and send newsletters and process our existing customers.

What taxes will I pay on rental income?
You get to have rental income of up to SEK 50 000 per year without paying tax.
Revenues are seen as income but deductibility is advantageous. If you rent out your private residence (house, apartment or cottage) or tenancy may make a standard deduction of SEK 40,000. You may also deduct the fee or rent you pay yourself for the part you rent, if you live in tenant or tenancy. If it is a private residential property (not condominium or rental apartment) temporary, you may deduct an amount equal to 20 percent of revenue, in addition to the standard deduction of SEK 40 000.

Calculation example private residential
Rental revenues: 60,000 kr
The standard deduction 1: -40 000 SEK
The standard deduction 2: -12 000 SEK
Rental revenues for estimating: £ 8,000
Tax 30%: 2400 SEK

What about insurance?
Irreplaceable items should of course not be found in the cottage. Your own insurance must cover any damages that may result in a fire or water damage when the guests staying in the cottage. Causes guests damages not covered by this insurance, the guest must pay damages to the owner during the stay - it is clearly expressed in the "General Conditions" as the guest get along with their booking confirmation. Based on long experience of renting, we know that it rarely occurs damage during the rental period. In a few cases it has happened that something has broken, but it has been arranged by the guests directly. Should the tenant cause damage that is not covered by any other insurance policy, we will replace you with an amount of up to 15 000 SEK / rental opportunity. You as the landlord is responsible for the cottage is checked after each rental occasion, after seeing that no damage has occurred and that an approved cleaning has been carried out by the guest.

Good to know

  • Inspection

You as home owners must personally or through a contact call the cottage after guests' departure.

  • Fire safety

There must be a smoke alarm in the house, it is equally important to have one there in his usual permanent residents. Do not forget to check that the batteries are working and please add some extra batteries in the cabin in case they need to be replaced over time guests rent.

  • Electricity

Cost of electricity will be included during the summer. If you want, you can charge extra for electricity during the winter. The guest then pays per kWh to you directly on site after reading the electricity meter.

  • Pets

You as home owners choose to allow pets in your cabin / house / apartment or not. Guests with pets often have fewer options to choose from, and therefore it can be positive for the lease to allow pets.

  • Sheets / Towels

Sheets and towels are not included in the rent, but the guests bring their own. If you are able and want to provide sheets and towels for rent is a valued service. We put up when the sheets / towels as an addition to our tour programs so guests can book this at the same time as they book the cottage.

  • Key hand-over

The nicest thing is if you or a contact person has the possibility to receive guests and hand over the key personally upon arrival. If you live elsewhere, you can order through us a key box that is opened with a code.

  • Cleaning

Guests clean the house on departure. Increasingly in demand, however, the opportunity to buy the final cleaning. You have the opportunity and want to offer the service on payment we put it up as a supplement in the same way as linens / towels.


Some tips from two experienced holiday home hosts
"My advice to other holiday rental company: make sure it is clean and fresh in the cottage and put gladly present a flower to create a homely feel. I meet the guests myself and I think it is best introduction if you have the opportunity. Partly it is reassuring to yourself to know what it is for people who come and also makes the guest feel extra welcome."

/Birgitta, Ystad

"Our advice to other holiday landlord is: ask yourself the question - would I stay here alone? Keep the decor fresh and do not get there too much or everything for old furniture. We have not so much the carpets in the cottage, which makes it easier to clean. Let the cabin to have some open areas so guests have room for bags etc when they come. Please have an empty cupboard in the kitchen to set the example had brought dry goods. "

/Maria & Lennart, Jonkoping

We look forward to convey your cabin so contact us today!